Feeling Stressed?

Ways to Manage Stress?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is one such technique that has been found to reduce negative emotions and stress in individuals. It involves self-regulation of emotions and reactions to stress by attending and noticing the thoughts and feelings being experienced in the present without trying to change or judge them.

When people experience stress, they usually start criticizing themselves and most of the time use derogatory words for themselves. Working on this self-talk by trying to avoid using negative statements for yourself, and actively engaging in positive self-talk and instruction is also an excellent method of managing stress.

Expressing your stress to others by talking or writing has also been proven to reduce stress in individuals. Through various studies, it was found that when people express traumatic events or severely disturbing problems to others, their heart rate and blood pressure decreased; it also had long-term benefits on the individual’s immune system  [1].


Expressing yourself through writing has multiple benefits. Physically writing out your thoughts is a means of releasing unwanted thoughts and negative feelings. Would you like to give writing a shot? How does keeping a journal sound to you? Try it out below:

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